Aberthin, 24th October

Mags was unable to lead Mondays walk and asked me if I could. I decided to stay with the walk that she had originally intended and it turned out to be very pleasant and relaxing with good company.

Seven of us made our way to Aberthin where we parked our cars and headed down Llaquain Road towards Fredwells cafe. The rain which had looked threatening at times fortunately held off. We were approached en route by two friendly dogs, who with wagging tails had left their owner to come quite a way to greet us. We were later surprised to see, or not see, that the lake/ pond was completely dried up. The rowing boat many of you may recall that normally sits in the lake was simply sitting on dry ground.

We reached Fredwells ordered our refreshments and sat outside, before they arrived, we were quickly back inside as the heavens opened up. We stayed due to the weather, longer than we had planned, but we were all happy chatting and probably would have stayed longer, but noticing the rain had stopped i encouraged everyone to make a move while we could.

The rain held off for us as we headed back to our cars, moving aside at one point to let a number of horse riders pass by.

It was only at the end our walk we realised that we had not taken a photograph. Our minds, I guess, had been focused on a nice easy Monday walk, enjoyed by all.