Sigingstone and Llandow, 4th February

Distance 6k/3.7 miles

We left WVH at 10am, and with another good turnout (12 in all) headed off to Llandow karting centre to park.

Now booted up and ready to set off, the only problem was the racket from the karts, just as well there are no houses in close proximity. We soon got to the main road and crossed without too much difficulty, things a lot quieter now as we headed off toward Sigingstone.

Leaving Sigingstone and nearing the entrance to Park Farm, it was very nice to see snowdrops growing along the hedgerow, a sign of spring on the way or perhaps our changing climate!, but we won’t dwell on that for now. According to mythology and symbolism the flower has long been viewed as a symbol of hope for better times ahead, so let’s go with that.

Continuing our walk, but taking a left turn before getting to Llanmihangel, there was general agreement that the weather had been kind, with the sun breaking through and temperatures on the rise. To make the day perfect Wales giving Ireland a good biffing in the rugby later in the day would have been nice but alas that was not too be.

Passing Wilton Farm, it was time to cross Llantwit Major Road again and soon we reached Topstak, where upon I was quickly instructed to pop in and ask about table availability, 12 people at 12 please! they would do their best came the reply.

All credit to Topstak, by the time we got back about 45 minutes later they had re-arranged tables and placed us in our favourite corner by the settee, bacon buttees and all manner of cakes followed to accompany teas and coffees.

Well, we had walked our socks off and needed sustenance, nothing wrong with that in my book.