Southerndown and Ogmore by Sea, 18th March

The weather gods smiled on Wick Wanderers on Saturday. Despite a poor forecast we had dry weather for the whole walk.  It was rather grey and misty as the 10 of us set out from West Farm, but then sun came out after a while and several of us stopped to remove a layer of warm clothing en route.

Liz had wanted to make the most of coastal walks before she leaves Wick, so we aimed to achieve that for her; initially heading along the coast path to Southerndown and then inland to Groes Farm where we turned left to Norton Farm.  We were walking to a bit of a schedule as we had to be back at West Farm for brunch/coffee/cake between 12 and 12.30 as the location was fully booked afterwards for the rugby, so instead of walking down Norton Hill to Portobello House we cut across to Ogmore at Norton Farm.  Once in Ogmore we descended the hill to the beach – pausing to discuss the new ANPR parking system at the beach car park and speculating as to when the council might actually get it operational after having done all the physical installation last spring/summer.

At the beach we took a short comfort stop and Mags shared her delicious flapjacks.  We headed off along the coast path, stopping to look at a rather unusual beachgoer on the rocks at the water’s edge.  At first we speculated it might be a Viking invasion, then decided it was Roman soldier in full costume with plumed helmet and shield in hand.  We didn’t get a photo and still have no idea what Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe – Gladiator) was doing on Ogmore beach!

As we progressed the path got muddier and we had to walk with care, especially having seen a returning fisherman take a tumble.  We were wondering if we had been too ambitious by taking the coast path, but we reached and ascended the gully up from the Deeps without incident.  After a short pause to catch our breaths, we walked along the road to West Farm where we had an excellent brunch in the very pleasant bar area. 

Thank you to everyone who came along.   There was lots of chatting and laughs and we enjoyed the walk very much.