Nash Point Circular, 28th May

Five Wanderers met at Wick Village Hall on a gloriously calm and sunny weather day.   There was much debate about whether any jumpers/fleeces would be needed, but in the end they were not.   We departed in two cars for Nash Point where we parked and set off – after paying the parking fee and a quick comfort stop at the café and admiring the fabulous view!

We headed back on the road we had driven in on to Marcross where we turned off onto the footpath.   From here we walked across fields – where the barley and wheat had grown an enormous amount since my recce about 3 weeks ago (as had the nettles so I was pleased no one had bare legs!).   We followed the footpaths to The Elms and then a short road section to Marcross Farm before we set off across fields again. 

As we followed the footpath to the woods at St Donats there were many ooohs and aaahs as we came across a field with really tiny horses and their even tinier foals.  The foals were no bigger than a decent sized dog!   

We had planned to stop for coffee by the church at St Donats but there was a funeral in progress so we continued the walk without stopping here. Marie was able to tell us much about the history of the castle/college from her family experience, and Helen was able to add that the RMLI Atlantic Class lifeboat was designed at the college and named after it.   We stopped for coffee in the King George V playing fields – sitting in the welcome shade of a tree and enjoying cake from Mags and honey shortbread biscuits that Andrew had baked for the group to share.  It was a good job we got through the really tight kissing gate into the fields before we started on the treats!! 

From here is was a lovely walk along the coast path – through wooded and more open areas with stunning views.    Back at Nash Point we found a picnic table and had lunch/coffee.   There was a bit of unrest when it was discovered that Richard had ordered the last bacon sandwich – but the alternative cheese toasties were equally delicious and welcome.  

As the group photographer was not with us, we asked someone from the next table to take our group photo on my phone. 

The walk was 8.2km and enjoyed by all.  Thank you.