Llantwit and Llanmaes, 9th May

As a last-minute step into Richard’s “walking shoes” as today’s Leader, as he felt a little under the weather, I met up with fellow walkers at Wick Village Hall. Bit of a mystery walk as I didn’t know who to expect but we left at 10am for Llantwit’s Windmill Fields for parking. Then we set off walking, Richard had told me to go under the bridge and then keep turning right until you get back……you can’t go wrong.

So, we set off, beautiful weather for walking and as usual several happy conversations ensued as we wandered along the lanes. No further restoration work had been carried out on Great Frampton House since our last walk past it in January, we noted. Soon we reached our first right turn, all going smoothly. Then we passed another point of interest from previous walks…..the giant water bed, sadly looking deflated and as Carroll remarked the concrete pillows did not look enticing. Therefore, no rest for the “Wick”ed, and we carried on. It’s really some form of field irrigation system not really a rest for weary walkers!

The next right turn appeared….oh no the road was closed. I informed the others we had a 15-mile detour. Graham put on a very angry face, but it came out quite smiley in the photo! Anyway, we ignored the sign and happily walked down the lane remarking it was lovely to have no cars creeping up on us.

In no time we ended up in Llanmaes, and headed to the edge of The Green for the customary Mag’s cake stop. We wondered where the Village Hall was that was advertising a plant sale, also was the village where one of our friends lived? As if by magic she appeared, out of the hidden Village Hall and gave the prospective plant purchasers all the info they needed.

Photo call next was by The Anvil and Vice monument on the far side of the Village Green opposite The Blacksmith’s Arms PH. Too early for a drink though. Then we headed into the oldest part of the village to admire the quaint cottages with the most beautiful gardens. We were so taken by a marvellous Wisteria we practically headed up a lady’s drive for a closer look. She was very friendly, and said she was mentally working out if she had enough biscuits for all her surprise visitors! We then went to look around St Cattwg’s Church which proved to be a real gem with a faded wall painting, beautiful stained-glass windows and memorials (and where Gavin and Stacey married). 

We finished the village tour by indulging Graham’s wish for a look at The Great House, his excitement rose when he asked the lady outside if she lived there. Could this be a tea and biscuits invite inside? Sadly no, as she was the gardener. So only one thing for it, we walked back towards Llantwit Major to our parked cars, followed by the short drive to everybody’s favourite … Topstak… for refreshments and the continued animated conversations and laughter out on the balcony seating area. Thank you everyone for a lovely morning.