Porthcawl and Kenfig Beach, 26th March

Six of us set out from WVH and headed to the Rest Bay car park in Porthcawl, where we met up with Helen & Mags who had made their own way from Ogmore.

It was a lovely day with plenty of sun and a gentle breeze. Porthcawl was very busy and it was nice to see so many cheerful people enjoying the day. The surfers may have been disappointed with the lack of any meaningful waves.

We headed along the boardwalk and although busy, it was surprising to see that the golf course had very few playing, and Mags and Moira were disappointed that their stacking of stones, assembled during an earlier recce were no longer on the drift wood, which had accompanied many other stone stacks. They quickly assembled another and we moved on. I am not sure what these stones represented but a friendly local told me they were called a “Cairn” which represented the wishing for good fortune. Always believe the locals but I am not sure.

We moved on to the end of the boardwalk and further to Kenfig Beach, with Sker House to our North, and traversed along a wide pathway, which Graham pointed out was originally the track used by heavy trucks in the 60s to take stone from the nearby quarry to Port Talbot harbour.

We moved inland along the sand paths, eventually reaching the visitors’ centre; taking our time talking to people. Good weather translated especially on this walk, to happy people.

We enjoyed coffee and flap jacks (thanks Mags) and checked out a local art fair that was being held at the centre. We continued our walk via the Pyle golf course crossing two fairways before coming up to Sker House. A decision was made from this point to take the shorter route option back to the car park, mainly because of the time we spent relaxing, enjoying the walk and talking to people and in some instances their dogs, not to mention the time spent talking amongst ourselves.

On the way back there was a large mound of stones that someone had assembled that I thought looked like a heart.

Liz replicating a scene from titanic!

The popular concept however was that it resembled the bow of a ship, so Liz had to climb on them and replicate the scene from Titanic. We returned to the car park finishing what had been a most enjoyable and pleasant walk.