Ewenny Moor and Priory, 8th August

A beautiful sunny Monday morning saw a happy group of Wick Wanderers assemble outside Wick Village Hall. We were all so busy chatting and looking forward to the walk that a passer-by stopped his bike to enquire where this “auspicious group” were off to. Ewenny Moor was the reply!

We sorted ourselves into shared car loads, and set off to meet today’s Walk Leader Mags and 4 other walkers from Ogmore on Sea/St Brides area at Ewenny. So, a total of 16 walkers headed off along the quiet country lane of Abbey Rd towards Ewenny Priory. As usual plenty of happy chatter and laughter helped us on our way.  Chrys told us about a previous encounter with Peacocks on this stretch.

First stop was in the shade of Ewenny Priory House, an impressive privately owned Georgian House. As we waited for the group to reassemble Andrew told us about a fundraiser, he and Helen were lucky enough to attend there. The BBC have also used the location to film a new Crime Drama there called “Wolf” which we shall have to look out for.

Arriving at The Priory the group split between those who wanted to look around inside, and those happy to enjoy the sunshine outside having visited several times over the years. It was a new experience for Frank and Lynn, and we were able to mention a few special points to look at. Graham stroked the carved wooden dog as we entered. I had never noticed it before, you can guarantee that you always learn something new and interesting from Graham.

We regrouped and headed off, crossing Ewenny River by the footbridge turning left over a stile. Last year Mags, Moyra and myself had attempted to recce this walk and were most puzzled to find it was padlocked due to Covid. How strange we thought at the time as it was in the middle of open countryside. However, the reason became apparent as we could only walk in single file between some roped off fences on either side of us. Meeting a walker coming in the opposite direction we realised there would have been no chance of passing at 2m apart. Helen said she called it the Stepping Stone Path, very apt as there were stones regularly placed under foot. That day it was as dry as a bone, but apparently it becomes quite boggy when the weather is wet, hence the stones.

The path eventually joined Heronston Lane close to the Park Home Site. We turned left and kept walking until we reached the point Mags had said we could decide which way to head next: up the uneven ground of the hill into a field of Bullocks v Continue along the lane, a shorter route to Ewenny Garden Centre Coffee Shop.

Guess which won?

We quickly arrived at the said Coffee Shop, and seemed to have a lovely time refuelling ourselves! It was made even better by the arrival of Sue bringing our total to 17.

Thank you, Mags, for arranging this lovely morning, and to all who joined in.