Southerndown and Ogmore, 1st Oct

Helen and Andrew led the latest walk starting from Southerndown and looping around Ogmore before coming back along the coast path to Southerndown.

A blustery day greeted the 10 walkers who gathered in front of the church in Southerndown but thankfully the heavy rain of the previous day had blown through. We headed off and followed the road from Southerndown towards Gros Farm Stables and Heol y Mynedd. From Gros Farm we then followed the lane towards Norton Farm, noting the still abundant blackberries along the route. From Norton Farm we followed the old lane that runs from the farm to Ogmore.

Along the way we stopped for a coffee break at the high point of the walk and were able to admire the views across to Porthcawl and the Gower. We were also treated to homemade Fruitcake (thank you Mags) and homemade Chocolate biscuit cake (thank you Andrew).  Several of the walkers asked about the Chocolate biscuit cake and therefore the recipe is reproduced below for those interested in making it themselves.

From our stop, we proceeded down into Ogmore and walked along the road back towards Southerndown. We ran into a squall along the road here, but luckily it didn’t last long and we were able to continue along to West Barn for a formal coffee break and were able to sit outside and once more enjoy the lovely views. After coffee we walked along the coast path, stopping to see if the dragon’s breath was coming from the blowholes, however despite the strong winds the tide was a little too far out for any significant breath!

Looping round Southerndown, we returned to our stating point where Graham kindly took the group photo. All in all, it was a well-received walk, and it was nice to see Richard back with us following his extended trip to the US.