Monks Wood, 13th July

Lead: Richard

After heavy rain on Sunday night and early Monday morning there was a little anxiety as we met to begin our walk. As it turned out the rain cleared and the weather favoured us for the complete walk. We began removing jackets and jumpers as it got warmer and the day turned out to be perfect.

We met as usual at the WVH and headed down Broughton Road to where it turns into West Street, turned right and headed across the fields toward Monk Wood. A new kissing style gate has been installed at the first entry to the fields.

At Monk Wood, after crossing the stile, we proceeded to walk around its perimeter. The Wick Sustainability Group have obviously been busy. A large impressive gazebo style structure has been erected next to the willow arbour.

We stopped for a while for a photograph which should show the gazebo. We continued our walk, in good spirits down Heol Las, when we reached Water Street a unanimous decision was made to go to the Heritage coast cafe. We traversed the fields following Nash brook which was flowing quite briskly, crossed the brook on the stepping stones and over the wood footbridge back around to the Heritage Coast Cafe.

Coffee was enjoyed by all, before we headed back up Broughton Road to conclude our walk which turned out to be 4 1/2 miles.