Southerndown to Ogmore by Sea, 11th December

Seven enthusiastic Wanderers met in Southerndown on a very grey and drizzly morning.  We headed off at a fairly brisk pace to Groes Farm where we took the turn to Norton.  Lots of chatting and laughing as we wandered along, we turned left onto the footpath at Norton Farm and some of us stopped and made a fuss of Pepper – the old farm sheep dog as we walked by.  Helen stopped en-route to Ogmore by Sea to forage some holly for the wreath she was making on Sunday. The views were not great as the drizzle had become pretty constant although thankfully the high winds and bitter cold of recent days had gone.   

Arriving at Ogmore by Sea, we headed along the main road admiring some properties and discussing their history as we went.  Our first stop was at the newly built Ogmore by Sea Village Hall which is not open for business yet but had a preview Open Day.  It was really interesting to look round and see what has been achieved.  The views are splendid and the coloured art in the glass windows was beautiful. Those of us that are Ogmore residents enthusiastically hunted out our plaques with our names and date when we moved to the village (The Trust raised money in the early days of getting sufficient funding to go ahead with the construction). 

Unfortunately, just as we arrived at the newly opened West Farm for a coffee stop, Helen got a call from her neighbour to say that Andrew had tripped, was unable to walk and in a lot of pain, so saying farewell to the group, Helen left us, and ran/walked as fast as possible to get home.

West Farm was very impressive, a lot of money spent on the building by the look of it, very nice coffee, and likely to become a regular port of call for future walks, and just a short walk back to the cars and the end of a very enjoyable walk.