Llangan Church, 26th February

The previous weekend storm Eunice came our way, so it was very pleasing to see sunshine for our walk to Llangan church. We left cars on the outer edge of Colwinston and walked along a track towards the A48, which was teeming with noisy traffic, making us grateful to be on foot walking away from the noise.

We were pleased to welcome Gill, from Ogmore, who came along with Mags. Six of us in total enjoyed the peaceful lanes downhill towards Treoes, turning right along a quiet lane to Llangan. Whilst admiring a particularly attractive house, a lad of about 7 came past on a pony attended by, presumably, his mum. Once past us, the pony took fright, turned suddenly and raced off with the lad clinging on and mum shouting instructions at him. We were sure we would see the resulting nasty accident as we neared the village but were pleased to see all three walking quietly back along the lane. Not an accident but a brave young lad persuaded to get back on again!

We all enjoyed the village of Llangan, a quiet spot with the church well kept, and the interesting Wheel Cross stone, from 9th century, at its western wall. A nice bench on the north side, with views across the attractive valley was the perfect spot for a cup of coffee and a piece of Mags delicious fruitcake.

The plan was always to retrace our steps, but we did this whilst looking out for other interesting footpaths in the area. The puff up to the A48 was achieved with varying degrees of ease, but we all managed it, then went to check out a little café in the village recently discovered and likely to be used by us again.