West Monkton and Sutton House, 14th November

Eight of us set off from the Hall on a dull morning expecting rain, and across the field behind the old windmill and took the footpath towards West Monkton before branching off in the direction of Sutton House.

We crossed the Llantwit Road and then into the field with many old excavations where the ancient spring was once more emitting its fresh water having dried up completely during the summer.

Some super large horse mushrooms were spotted, so Anne and Robbie put one in their rucksack (one of these would probably supply at least two meals). We proceeded on towards Sutton and took a coffee break perched around some straw bales.

The rain began as soon as we restarted and continued until we got back to Wick. The path took us around Sutton House and then more or less in a straight line back to Wick. The total distance was about 4 miles and we crossed 20 stiles!!