Llandow Village and Topstak, 30th October

A very good turnout for today’s walk, and a warm welcome to new member Sue Jones.

Thankfully the weather was improving after the heavy rain of the previous night, so we set off to Llandow, to park up on the industrial estate for the start of our walk.  Unfortunately, the parking spaces that were plentiful on Thursday, were now full of lorries, so we parked wherever it was possible, eventually meeting up about 15 mins later.  Not a good start!!

Now Murphy’s law states that, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, but surely not today. This walk was ‘recced’ just a few days ago.  As these thoughts were running through my head, the phone rang, Moira C, ‘Phil, I’m lost, followed Graham, had to turn back due to blocked road, I think I’ll head for home’.

With things not going too well, we progressed through the industrial estate, when a garage mechanic shouted over asking where we were going.  I explained that we were heading for the gate, just around the corner, ‘shut at the weekend mate came the reply’.  He was very helpful though and advised that we could continue turning left and would eventually come to a grass hump, that would lead us to the road.  Great idea, and better than turning around, and eventually we found the hump. We just had to go over it, so with Health and Safety conveniently forgotten for a few moments, and with everyone helping we got there.  Phew!!, no one slipped and we were on the road, and out of the industrial estate, and to safety.

Departing The Grove, we passed the vast greenhouses and nurseries on Sutton Road, turning right into Grove Road, and passing a derelict but nonetheless stunning stone farmhouse, Ysgubor Newydd, that would make a wonderful home for someone with a big budget, and with fine views over the Vale.

It wasn’t long before we got to Llandow Village, looking very nice indeed in the autumn sun, and time for a coffee stop and photo, courtesy of Graham as usual, with the Llandow brook in full flow behind us.

Continuing up the hill, and leaving Llandow we passed the Rectory, a Georgian Listed Building, and a good example of a mid-19th century small country house, with well-preserved historic character as described on the Vale website.

Topstack was the next stop, and with the sun making a welcome appearance, we sat outside and enjoyed a nice coffee/tea, and for a few, one of those massive cakes that Topstak are noted for.

There were a few mishaps starting off, but I think this turned out to be a very enjoyable walk in the end.