Monks Wood, and the campsite, 9th August

Lead: Liz

As no one had volunteered to lead today, we decided upon a short walk, and coffee at the campsite as being quite enticing after a wet and dreary weekend. Four of us had met at WVH and Marie was keen to join us if were nearby.

As the sun had come out, we decided to walk over the fields to Monks’ Wood, which Moyra D had not seen previously. Although Moira C and others have been doing quite a bit of work there, we went straight down the side of the wood and will return for a wander around it another day. Heol Las had so many lorries and large cars passing, we decided to cut the corner across fields to Chapel Road in Broughton and collect Marie, who had just taken her coat off, thinking we were not coming. She didn’t know we were pushing our way through brambles and nettles in our jointly decided upon walk route!!, remember, we had not done a reccie for this walk!

The sun was shining, the air a lovely sea breeze and we were all happy to be out, so we walked over the fields from the old forge, having great fun getting over the stream where the water was flowing quickly and deeply, a bit of hand holding was needed as we teetered over the slippery rocks. The fields down to the little bridge were a pleasure to walk in, so then we turned back up towards the road and then to the campsite.

A good coffee was much enjoyed before our tramp back to Wick, by 12.30.

A lovely day and we all agreed how nice it is to have a Monday morning walk to look forward to.