Llandow and Clemenstone, 3rd August

Lead: Phil and Claire

We had a good turnout for the first of our summer evening walks, on a very pleasant, sunny and warm evening. Claire and I, along with 5 other Wanderers, were also joined by 2 ‘possible’ new recruits Frank and Lynne.

We crossed Llantwit Road, and headed toward Green Isaf Farm, crossing the stone stile, it was great to see that the previously overgrown stile and path had been cleared.

Cutting across fields, we crossed the stream, and headed toward the next stile that on Sunday was impassable, but again, the stile had been cleared, and a very good job too, perhaps Valeways volunteers were responsible.

Now passing Cwrtnewydd Farm, we admired a very fine example of a drystone wall currently being built, and headed toward Llandow Village. Turning left we continued along the pathway, passing Franklen Farm on the right, and further along, Church Farm, and the Glamping Pods to the left.

It wasn’t long before we passed through Clemenstone, with its very nice well-maintained buildings, some of which are available as holiday rentals, and then on toward Wick Lodge, turning left on to Ewenny Road.

Not far to the pub now, we were soon up the steep hill, and arriving at the Star, with all those taking part in the walk happy to sit outdoors and enjoy an evening drink. As we left, I remembered that we hadn’t taken our usual photo, not to worry though, perhaps we can do it all again in a few weeks’ time.