Sigingstone and Llanmihangel, 7th March

Eleven of us met at the WVH; sharing cars we drove a short distance to our starting point on the Llandow to Sigingstone road.

It was a perfect day for walking as we headed into and through Sigingstone, passed the Victoria Inn and continued on the road towards the Moorhead Cottages, turning right just before reaching them and headed downhill to Llanmihangel.

We stopped at the church (St Michael and All Saints) which goes back to the 13th century, it still has no electricity and is lit by oil lamps and candle. Our vicar in Wick, Graig Vaughan is a team vicar for the church.

There was some machinery noise being caused by some locals clearing bramble and overgrowth on the adjoining ground. They told us that a medieval holy well referred to as St Anne’s well was going to be cleaned up by students in the summer, it has steps inside and a woman from whose mouth the water spouts. Should be an interesting visit later in the year.

We continued our walk up toward the Llanmaes to Sigingstone Road and into Sigingstone, where we stopped for a group photograph at the memorial plaque commemorating the Dublin to Llandow aircrash in 1950.

We headed back to our cars and onto Topstak for an enjoyable chat with our coffee/tea.