Heritage Coast campsite, 6th June

Ten of us met up at Wick village hall, including a new member, from Ogmore, so welcome to you Caroline, we hope you enjoy the group.

As we had a number of us who prefer slightly slower, shorter walks, for which we set up the Monday walks, we ambled happily down Broughton Road in glorious sunshine. I even had to go back home for my much needed sun glasses!

We headed for the Heritage Coast campsite, quite a favourite spot for many of us, ordered our nice coffees and took up residence on the patio there. Goodness knows how long we sat there in the sunshine chatting, but eventually some of us realised we did actually have homes to go to and stuff to do. So, home we set, rather wishing we could have stayed all day, maybe lunch and supper?

Anyway, we had a gentle amble home taking the same route up the road, so no one could feel too over-stretched by what we had done. It was however a good three plus miles. Those who like more energetic walks might have been a bit frustrated, but I think all of us who came today, enjoyed the feeling of sunshine on our backs, a nice coffee and of course a lovely view of the sea.

Thank you to all who came for making this a very pleasant start to the week, after a very wild and windy previous day.