Porthcawl, 3rd April

If the pop group “Mama & Pappas” were members of our walking club they would change the words to their song: “Monday, Monday – can’t trust that day” because this second Monday of spring presented us again with a perfect day for walking.

We arrived at the main car park in Porthcawl around 10:30 and soon headed on our way. We passed, to our left, the towns lighthouse refuted to be the most photographed in the UK and often the go to photograph of the media during stormy weather. We proceeded along the esplanade passing the now empty Sea Bank hotel; waiting one presumes for a new buyer or to be turned into flats.

There were lots of people out enjoying the weather many with their children now on school holiday. Most of the street parking was taken up except for four dedicated places for car charging, nice to see the council moving forward with the times. We continued onto west drive before moving down onto the beach path closer to the sea.

Graham was first, as usual with his 20/20 vision to spot a wheatear that had migrated from Africa to join us for our spring and summer, hopefully a good omen. We soon met up with Ann Price who told us that she had never been on the boardwalk before and was quite impressed. My daughter a year ago was equally impressed and it made me realise how we take so many things for granted.

We are lucky to have so many walk options available. We continued to the end of the boardwalk and after watching a few golfers turned back to the Rest bay cafe for coffee/ tea etc. the tide was out and the sea so calm and relaxing we spent quite a while just taking it all in. It is the first time I have not seen a surfer at rest bay, which today not having any waves was only to be expected. The surf shop was open but no clients today. Our walk had an option for 3 or 5 miles. We took the 5-mile option and had a great day with great company.

I wish everyone a great time over Easter, Richard