Monknash Church and Heritage Coast Café, 4th October

Fortunately, it was fairly dry when nine of us left WVHall for a short and quite easy Monday walk. Downhill all the way to Broughton gave plenty of time for chats and catching up with each other, then we went along to have a look at Monknash Church. It was good to see that Marie was already there, with the church open so we could all have a good look around. Some of us had not visited it before. It is a lovely simple little church with a wonderful view of the coast from the churchyard. By the time we left, rain had started so we donned waterproofs and headed speedily to the Heritage Coast Campsite for a very welcome coffee…the last there for this season as it closes soon. Rain was now heavier so as planned, the group split into those who wanted /needed to get back home promptly and those up for more adventure. The walk back up to Wick was uneventful. Below, Moyra takes over with the more adventurous threesomes walk home.

After refreshments at the Heritage Coast Cafe Moira, Richard and I set off to continue the walk down towards the coast. As it was now raining heavily, we decided to head back taking the footpath over the wooden bridge, through fields and over stiles and then crossed the wobbly stepping stones over the Nash Brook and up to the road. As the weather was improving, we came back through Monks Wood and Moira showed us the completed green roof on the gazebo and the various paths through the woods that the Wick Sustainability Group are managing.

We crossed two more fields back to Broughton Road and back to Wick – an enjoyable walk. Splitting the group to cater to different needs like this worked well, we could always try it again.