Dunraven Bay, and Christmas Fayre in The Summerhouse

Christmas- it’s the most wonderful time of the year unless you are called Liz and trying to arrange The Christmas Walk/Social.  The large festive walk planned, dwindled dramatically due to various ailments and commitments.  About an hour before the arranged meet up time it was discovered only Mags and myself (Moira C) were left ….., was it something we said we wondered?!?, and Sue joining us later for the shorter social walk.

However, the show must go on. Not wanting Mags to look like The Grand Old Duke of York, marching down to Dunraven Lower Car Park, then back up towards West Farm, we met near The Golden Cups instead. Then “marched “down the hills together arriving at The Glamorgan Heritage Coast Centre, Dunraven Bay. We thought a circular walk around Dunraven Park, to arrive back in the carpark to meet Sue, would be a good idea. There was even a map of the route, which we photographed for reference. What could go wrong? Well maybe not referring to the map again, or not noticing the arrow pointing left when we went straight on was a slight error. However, we fully investigated a field which had absolutely no means of escape, but did have the most wonderful view of the air sea rescue helicopter flying over and landing on Dunraven Point.

Retracing our steps we spotted the arrow, then found our way to the impressive ruined gate house. Aware of the time we headed back towards the carpark, over the wobbliest stile which resembled a seesaw (Margery Daw second nursery rhyme of the day) we made it back only a little behind schedule.

It was lovely to see Sue, Linda and John waiting for us. So, we then headed into The Walled Garden to share our Christmas Fayre in The Summerhouse. Amidst the laughter and chatter we spotted a familiar figure heading across the path…….No not Santa, but to our delight it was Graham who certainly brought festive cheer in more ways than one (his hip flask).

After a lovely interlude we headed back once more to the carpark for our final act of the day, the photo!

A slight adaptation to what Liz planned, but in the end very enjoyable. Thanks to those that came, we certainly missed our absent friends.

Happy Christmas to All Wick Wanderers, and we look forward to seeing you on many walks in 2022.