Llantwit Major beach, 23rd August

Lead: Richard

Six of us met at the WVH. Sharing three cars we drove to Llantwit Major beach.

There were lots of people out and about, on the beach, walking and at the cafe; enjoying what was a lovely day and perfect for our walk.

We commenced our walk by ascending the steps at the rear of the cafe (which had seen some improved attention during lock down) to the start of the Cwm Col-Huw cliff track, we took in the views of the channel before proceeding toward St Illtyds Church, passing the Dovecote, the Tithe barn, and gatehouse.

We entered the Church and took time to enjoy its many wonders. The Celtic stones, the many wall paintings dating back to 1400AD. Upon leaving we bumped into Vicar Graig Vaughan (vicar of the church in Wick) who appeared to know all of us. We spoke to him for a little while before continuing our walk which took us downhill to the Avon Cwm Col-Huw for a leisurely amble back to the car park. At this time, it had become much busier and many cars were now in the overflow car park. Of significant note was the one tourist who couldn’t get over the fact that he didn’t have to pay to park his car.

We proceeded to the cafe for coffee and a chat before heading back.