Ewenny Moors and Priory, 12th September

On a beautiful, warm morning we drove from the Village Hall to Ewenny to walk one of the group’s favourite trails.

After a couple of hundred metres we had turned off the main road into Hernston Lane (or Heronston Lane as the locals call it citing a spelling mistake on the sign which was never corrected by the Council!) Soon we were enjoying a discussion about invasive species led by Graham and some tales from Linda about the Romany “King of the Gypsies” who had lived in the lane. As we walked towards the Moors we admired the beautiful conversions of Mr Davies’ old farm buildings and heard about how the development of the old Esso garage site on the main road had removed access to a brand new house which is now in ruins.

With all the dry weather over the summer, crossing the Moors was easy and after a short stop to stroke the fly-masked horses which came to see us, we had Ewenny Priory in view.

The church was open and so we sat inside for a while before assembling outside for the customary photograph in the sunshine – we had to take two as Liz was chatting during the first one!

A footpath took us through fields planted with carrots – according to Graham – before we followed the perimeter of the Priory, down Tingle Lane, back onto Abbey Road. We admired the new houses and conversions of the old agricultural and estate buildings and then returned to the Garden Centre for coffee and cake. We all agreed that even the most familiar of walks can have hidden surprises!