Lampha and Ewenny, 6th December

The weather forecast was for the rather usual rain and wind, but even so six of us met up at Wick Village Hall and drove to a lay-by near Lampha.

It felt initially as if it was going to be a cold, wet walk, but quite quickly we were treated to some initial signs of sunshine, with promise of more to come. Walking through the hamlet of Lampha we discussed how we should fairly soon, i.e., next May, get back to our dedicated area of clearing a narrow track near Lampha house and a path through an area of nearby woodland.

This   task we committed to as a group a few years ago, but sadly not done since the start of the pandemic.

The lanes around this hamlet are attractive for walking, quite quiet with the occasional dwelling, and soon we were onto the ridge heading back towards Ewenny. With views both north and south this was most enjoyable and at the junction with the lane leading down to Ewenny/Corntown we made the decision to return for our cars and a trip to Topstak for coffee, instead of the more energetic walking both down and back up the hill from Ewenny Garden Centre coffee shop. The decision was unanimous!

With lots of laughter, we eventually lined up for the regular photo then walked swiftly back as the thought of a hot coffee was by then, very appealing. We had actually walked almost three and a half miles, but the chat and laughs along the way made any efforts of exercise go unnoticed.

It certainly is a good way to keep fit, to go out walking with a group of friends! Thank you to you all, Liz