Colwinston and Llysworney, 31st January

Ten of us met at WVH for our 10 am departure to Llysworney pond to park up, don boots and set off.

It was good to have two new friends join us. The original, somewhat ambitious plan had been to walk to Colwinston, have coffee by the church and then wander around the village before retracing our steps to Llysworney. However, this walk proved to be a more leisurely Monday amble.

The weather had turned really quite bright and sunny, so we were able to enjoy the views across the beautifully wide valley towards Wick. There are several small brooks running through this valley, the main one being the Stembridge brook, with the Colwinston brook being a little to the north of it. We also found an open gateway and path leading into a small shrubby area, just inside there was the most magnificent camellia bush, admired by us all, its dark glossy leaves and beautiful flowers and buds, were a real treat.

Colwinston has lots of interesting old buildings and we were able to admire different construction features. We didn’t explore the whole village as time was against us, so we decided to turn around and have coffee on the outskirts of the village, where again the views could be enjoyed.

The return to Llysworney was a pleasant amble back, with some ending the morning with a trip to Topstak for a coffee.

Thank you to all who came for making this another enjoyable Monday morning outing, it’s good to see these walks are proving popular!