Heritage Camp Site, 25th April

10am on a bright sunny Monday, saw twelve happy Wanderers meet up, at WVH. ‘Hello’ to a new face. Sally joined the group, participating in the various conversations as we meandered along. 

As planned, we trooped by the village green, down Broughton Road. Along the way, various members’ abodes were identified. Sue’s house, Moira’s residence, and Anne’s home. Popular place is Wick:) Turning right along Chapel Street. We stopped to call for Marie, who, unfortunately, due to visiting family, was unable to add to the jolly band.

Who is this person running down the road at a pace? Moira’s husband Steve raced by to applause from the Wandering group. What energy!

Along the way, spring blossom, new shoots were appreciated.

Passing by The Plough n Harrow, we arrived at our destination, The Heritage Camp Site, and much anticipated /tea/coffee/hot chocolate (with swirly cream atop!) Sitting in the sunshine, enjoying the refreshments and lively banter, we reflected on our good fortune. Here, WWs resident photographer, lined us up for a group pic.

At this juncture, some members decided to continue the walk, while others made the return to their respective homes. All were in harmony with these arrangements. Those of us who had decided to carry on walking, enjoyed a further hour out and about, down the lane, over stream and fields. We ambled along, some, due to time constraints, more focussed than others on the return to Wick.

We said ‘goodbye’ as members reached their respective homes/cars, and looking forward to the next ‘adventure’. Good news! Sally, after just one WWs walk, has formally joined the group. Welcome Sally.