Duffryn Gardens and Tinkinswood, 12th February

Eight of us set off from the car park at Duffryn Gardens to commence the Valeways Haunted field walk which includes St Lythans and Tinkinswood Neolithic burial chambers, both older than Stonehenge.

Turning right out of Duffryn Gardens we followed the road to the junction and turned left. A few hundred yards on, St Lythans burial chamber is situated on the right through a kissing gate into the so-called haunted field. This burial chamber has a capstone that apparently twirls three times on midsummer eve while its stones go to the river to bathe! That would be a site to behold.                                                                      

Retracing our footsteps to the road, we proceeded down the hill and picked up the Valeways footpath, turning right over the style and up through the fields over the river Waycock via a stone bridge to the larger burial chamber of Tinkinswood, where we stopped for refreshments.

This has one of the largest capstones in Britain and is estimated that 200 persons would have been required to hoist it into place. Legend says anyone who spent a night at Tinkinswood on the evenings before May Day, St Johns day or Midwinter day would either die, go mad or become a poet!   

We continued our walk up through fields to the top style and then followed the road back down to Duffryn, noting the log that Moira had seen on our recce walk. It was in the ditch and the end of it look like a face which had been chiselled out, we all agreed it was very uncanny.                                                                                                                                          

We ended our walk with coffee at Duffryn Gardens and some of us had a short walk around the gardens. Thankyou friends for an enjoyable and interesting walk, and the rain held off.