Sigingstone and Topstak, 16th July

What can I say? A beautiful day, ideal for walking. Pleasant company, in fact great company; everyone positive and out to enjoy the morning.

We met at the WVH as normal and shared cars for the short drive to Llandow Karting track where we parked. (To be clear not on the track but on the road outside). We watched the go-karts speeding around the track for a short while, which appealed to many of us, who knows one day perhaps.

We started off toward the B4270 which we then crossed and headed for Sigingstone.

Building contractors have been working on the corner house for some time and curiosity got the better of a few who looked over the wall to review progress. But all we could see was scaffolding and building materials, (yes, I succumbed and looked as well).

We carried on our way passing the Victoria Inn and heading toward the Moorhouse cottages turning left just before them and back toward the B4270 which we crossed and Surprise! Surprise! there it was; Topstak. The invitation for morning refreshments could not be passed up. 

Surprisingly it was quite busy. Fortunately, on the balcony two tables finished, one might say some astute tactics were used by those not to be named which then left room for the nine of us. We sat and talked for quite a while before heading on our way toward the nursery but turning left back to our cars. We were honoured (they didn’t know we were there of course) by the South Wales Radio Control Society who were controlling a very large model aircraft which crossed in front of us as it landed on the Llandow runway

Three of us were keen to go to Tomas & Lilford brewery in Llandow having enjoyed their beers before (Moira and myself at mags Alzheimer’s charity fund raiser and Phil) regrettably they were closed, but all in all, a very pleasant morning.