Newton and Trecco Bay, 6th November

This walk was supposed to have been led by Anne and Robbie, but instead, some very good friends of theirs, who live in Porthcawl, took over the responsibility of leading the walk. Clare and Jonathan Chubb had previously told us about this walk close to where they live and wanted to show us the way, which was just as well as it turned out, because it was an extremely difficult walk to follow.

Five of us met at the Village Hall at 10am and drove to Newton where we met up with the Chubbs’. The first part of the walk took us through Newton, past where St John’s School used to be and what is now a building site. Soon we were on a very quiet footpath winding its way through an ancient woodland past Wig Fach and Happy Valley caravan park, before emerging onto a lovely green field where we had our coffee break and indulged in Mags’ lovely homemade cakes.

We joined the Tythegston to Candleston Road which soon became a track, before branching off down through some lovely old woodland until we came out above the sand dunes with some stupendous views.

After moving a herd of young cows out of the way the path meandered down the hill until we reached the beach where we found a relatively sheltered spot out of the wind to eat our picnic lunches.

Moira and Mags left to return to their cars whilst the rest of us continued walking across Newton beach facing into a fierce wind and around the headland to Trecco Bay, when we walked back to the cars via the caravan park, marvelling at the monstrous prices which the caravans were being sold at.

The walk was just under 8 miles and at 3pm, just as we left in our cars, the rain started. How lucky were we!!