Wenvoe and St Lythan, 25th September

Moira C drove Helen, Richard and Mags from WVH to Old Port Road, Wenvoe, avoiding any traffic hold up relating to fuel station queues!

The weather while overcast at the onset, favoured us with warm, dry and occasionally sunny conditions for the duration of our walk.

Before heading up, out of the village, we stopped to look at the Wenvoe War Memorial, situated in a small public park which was once the site of the village duck pond. The memorial is unusual, as, in addition to the names of those who served and died in WW1 and WW2, it includes the names of those who returned from the wars.

A moderately steep incline out of the village, took us on to country lanes with hedgerows laden with blackberries and old man’s beard; trees turning autumnal colours.

Through lanes and across fields we arrived at the hamlet of St Lythan, which is reported to be one of the wealthiest communities in the Vale of Glamorgan. St Lythan Parish Church, a Grade 2 listed building, was preparing for the first wedding in ten years, to take place that day. The tiny church was tastefully dressed with flowers around the entrance and on the pews. A saxophonist was setting up, next to the alter; we sat awhile to listen to the beautiful music he would be playing for the forthcoming celebration.

The deputy church warden kindly took a photo of the four WWs, who were definitely not dressed in wedding attire. No chance of gate crashing the wedding then?!

So, we wandered on our way, to arrive at the Neolithic Burial Chamber which is situated to the west of St Lythan. The burial chamber faces east to allow the rising sun to give warmth to those buried. Moira told of the folklore relating to this stone monument, which apparently moves at midnight on midsummer! At this juncture, we took a ‘coffee break’ to enjoy the delicious brownies, made by Andrew, that Helen had brought along. Thankyou Andrew.

Retracing our steps, we returned to St Lythan to see three red tractors, cleaned, polished and bedecked with ribbons. Wedding guests were arriving in their wedding best outfits. We were somewhat early to see the arrival of the bride, and so we made our way back to Wenvoe and Moira’s waiting car.

We four agreed that the morning walk had been most enjoyable, with lots of lovely surprises on the way.