Aberthin to Pant Wilkin Stables, 4th July

As 10 o’clock approached, it was lovely to see the amassing of various members of Wick Wanderers outside The Village Hall. Especially a new prospective member Liz, but sad Mary and Carroll 2 of our founding members were unable to join in at the last minute. Quickly sorting car shares, 11 of us headed off to Aberthin where we were joined by Sue, Mags and another prospective member Margaret.

All happy to be in each other’s company we set off along the quiet Llanquian Road which follows Nant Aberthin towards Pant Wilkin Stables. Pretty cottages and lovely gardens were admired, along with the impressive red doors of The Great House’s Gatehouse. Our resident photographer, and font of all knowledge connected with nature, Graham (what would we do without him?), was busy pointing out things of interest. I was going to set a little task to see if anyone would be able to spot a little red cow climbing on a beanstalk. But then I had forgotten whether Buwch Goch Gota (welsh for Ladybird) actually translated as cow or pig. Good job too as the owners had moved the garden ornament to a new spot since my recce!

We arrived at Fredwell’s to almost take over all the tables in the outside area. A few of us walked a little further to see their log cabins. It was amazing how quickly the time passed as we enjoyed laughter and chat in the sun. Liz rounded us up, and I counted we had 12 out of 14 setting off back along the lane. Frank and Graham were then spotted admiring a little green car just being brought out of one of the warehouse/stables, which I was informed was a replica D Type Jaguar. Very nice, and Chrys almost got herself a ride out in it.

On the way back we looked for the lake with its island, previously occupied by ducks and geese. Today all we could see was a grounded rowing boat waiting to be re floated when the rains refill the lake and stream.

Next stop was by some tall Hollyhocks that we had admired on the outward journey for our photocall. Pity we couldn’t capture the sweet scent of the Honeysuckle too.

At the end of the lane we discussed possibilities to explore more of this area in our next walk ……over to you Richard! Thank you all for a very pleasant morning.