Wenvoe, 5th Nov

No matter how many times I looked at the weather forecast this week I couldn’t change today from rain, rain and more rain.

But not to be deterred 7 hardy Wick Wanderers met outside the village hall, sorted car shares and headed off towards Wenvoe. We donned our wet weather gear, posed next to Liz’s new car for a pre walk photo and headed off towards Wenvoe Castle. Now a Championship 18-hole golf course, it was initially a country estate and the magnificent oak trees planted in the 18th Century, stand proud in Waun Lawn. We made a slight detour up the drive of the golf course to see if we could spot The Castle, rebuilt in 1928 after a fire destroyed the original building, now the Club house. We wondered if we would be told off for trespassing, but instead 2 golfers appeared from within waving and saying we were welcome to come in.

Back on track we followed the lane past Goldsland Farm, a third-generation dairy farm, to New Wallace Farm. We admired all the horses stabled there, especially the little Shetland Pony whose owner thought we were slightly mad walking on this wet day. Beyond the farm we headed to the right’ crossing several fields and Goldsland Brook in full flow. It didn’t have a drop of water in last week.

We then sheltered under a large tree enjoying coffee and Mag’s lovely cake. At this point we heard gun shots in the distance assuming they were a bird scarer. Continuing further we skirted around Goldsland Woods, the site of many caves which had been undisturbed for 5000 years. In 2005 they were excavated to reveal neolithic flintwork, pottery and human remains. We didn’t see any of those but came across a vehicle and trailer with many pheasants hanging in it, and then spotted the shooters, beaters and dogs heading towards us from the woods. Moving swiftly on, we crossed many fields passing St Lythans Burial Chamber, Maes y Felin (a Dr Who filming location) and finally entered a small Copse. We decided this is where the poor pheasants were reared as there were many barrels containing food for them. A small bracken lined hill took us back to the boundary of the golf course. Friendly golfers waited patiently to tee off as we Wick Wandered along. They said they usually had a straight aim, but thought they wouldn’t take any chances. Assume they meant missing us, rather than target practice!!

Finally, we reached Burdons Hill and followed the lane down to The Garden Centre for the well-deserved refreshments. However, disaster almost struck: the coffee shop was closed and the cafe had a long stationary queue. So, what else could soaking wet, thirsty walkers do but head to the pub! In the cosy welcoming “Wenvoe Arms” we all agreed it had been a lovely walk, and those views across the Vale must be fantastic on a clear day, as pretty good on a wet day.

To The Wenvoe Arms all we can say is ” We’ll be back! “