Llanmaes, 4th March

Eight of us set off from WVH and headed to Llanmaes for the beginning of our walk around the back lanes. The weather, considering we are still in Winter, was very pleasant and ideal for getting out.

We passed through Llanmaes and St Cattwgs church heading east, towards Froglands Farm, passing Midlands Caravan Park. As we turned to the north, we walked passed St Athens where multiple aircraft were being refurbished or scrapped. We took time to look at one of the Vale councils’ latest tourist attractions (some 24 black traffic lights for a T junction), which was really a bit of an eye sore.

We continued on through Picketston passing Happy Jakes caravan park and on towards Sigingstone. Before reaching Sigingstone we crossed over the lane and headed back to car park and our cars. Lo and behold we had not taken a photograph, Graham, who unfortunately could not make it, would not have let this happen, so it was left for me to take a selfie, I seemed to get a nice photo but could not get myself in!.

The walk was relaxing, easy and stimulating, we covered 5 miles and it was enjoyed by all. We headed to Topstak for coffee and some good conversation.