Marcross and Cwm Nash, 25th June

Not having had many occasions during the winter and spring months to enjoy our own coastal areas, the walk provided an opportunity to focus on the natural beauty and uniqueness that is on our doorstep.

After meeting at two points, WVH and Water Street, eight of us headed up the lane toward Marcross. Before reaching the Horseshoe Inn we turned over a stile heading toward the coast, crossing a few fields before reaching the woods at the top of Cwm Marcross.

We ambled down following the Marcross brook which was not in flow today, not having had too much rain lately. But it was a nice walk crossing the path of the stream in a few places on the footbridge and stepping stones. We reached the coast with having a tricky decision; to either have a tea/coffee at Tony’s Cafe or continue on, the latter was decided.

We crossed the pebbles and bedrock beach with its rock pools to the sand.  Although this area has lots of fossils, we shamelessly gave little thought to them as we were mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the stunning rugged rock formations on the one side with the sea on the other with its waves breaking over the long sand bank. There were four areas where the cliffs had broken up and slid down to the beach reminding us to be careful. We stopped on the beach for refreshments before heading to Cwm Nash.

We then ascended to the top of the Cwm walking along the path, crossed two stiles at the top and headed across the fields to what was a choice of either the Heritage Cafe for coffee/tea or the Plough & Harrow for those that wanted a meal. (not submitting details of how that split went).

By the time we returned to Water Street we had covered 8.7 km (approx. 5.5 miles) those that started from WVH would have covered approx. an extra mile.

We returned about 1:30 having had a most enjoyable walk.