Ewenny Priory and Corntown, February 7th

Ten WWs met at Sam Bs dress shop in Ewenny. Great turnout for a grey Monday morning!

We traversed the lanes, stopping to visit the Grade 2 Listed Ewenny Priory which was founded in 1141 by Maurice de Londres. We came across the much worn tomb and effigy of ‘Maurice’ in the south transept.

The village of Ewenny is said to have grown around the Priory. During a tour of South Wales, the artist, Turner, visited Ewenny Priory. He painted a water colour of the view across the south transept. At the time, chickens were kept in the building; Turner included them in this piece of work.

Leaving the Priory to cross the fields on return to Corntown main road, we turned left to arrive at the former baptism pool. Baptisms had been carried out by Bethlehem Baptist Church until the early 20th century. Water looked a bit murky today; no one fancied a dip!:-)

Returning on main road through Corntown toward Ewenny, a group decision to turn left up Stoney Lane, thus lengthening the walk by an approximate mile, was agreed.

Due to a deterioration of weather, we were a somewhat ‘soggy’ gathering on arrival at Ewenny Garden Centre where we partook of welcome hot drinks and cake.

The walkers parted company, agreeing that a pleasant morning was had by all.