Heritage Coast Campsite, 13th August

Starting at WVH, six of us made our way down Broughton Road, towards West Street, and with a change to the original plan turned right, cut across fields and arrived at the entrance to Monks Wood, met by a carved welcome sign, created and designed by Chrys Thomas. There is also another welcome sign, at the other entrance to the wood, made by Moira Cotter, both members of SWCG (Sustainable Wick Community Group), what at talented pair!

We were then treated to a walk around the wood, along the new cockleshell path with guided commentary from both, and arrived at the new medieval style Roundhouse (part funded by Welsh Government), and time for cool drink under the shade, Moyra entertaining us with her account of her recent balloon trip in the West Country.

Continuing our walk down Heol Las, we turned right towards the Plough and Harrow, arriving at Heritage Coast Campsite and time for a snack. We were lucky enough to get enough chairs and moved into the shaded area, as by now temperatures were approaching 30 degrees.

Too late for bacon sandwiches unfortunately, so we made do with drinks, before heading back, and the walk up from Broughton to Wick that by now was hard work with the high temperature.

All in all, a very enjoyable day, and the right decision to keep the walk short with the hot weather.