Bryngarw Country Park to Llangeinor, 12th October

Lead: Liz

After weeks of autumn rain, we opted for what would probably be a walk with little in the way of waterlogged fields – a walk northwards, alongside the old railway line, from Bryngarw Country Park. The forecast was for wet, but we had dry, then sunny!

We five walkers were much rewarded by what turned out to be a pleasant, interesting and fun walk, with plenty of laughs and lots to see. From the country park we walked down and over the bridge, where the Garw was in full flow, quite an impressive amount of water rushing along. The path was quiet with just a few speeding cyclists and occasional walkers, and after a coffee stop on a small bridge, we were soon on the outskirts of Llangeinor. Here we crossed the road to continue the path northwards.

At the entrance to this part is a delightfully constructed, stone wall some fifteen or so feet long, in beautiful layers and within the layers a band of iron embossed with words clearly from the observations of local people. Very inspiring and enough to make us want to revisit and try to read it all!

Some of us had done part of this path before, but this time we went further and could see yet more ahead, but decided that a suitable bench would be our lunch stop and our time to return.

12 oct.jpg

Instead of an exact retracing of our steps, we went up the stony track past the old farm house at Bettws, leading to a path along the hillside, eventually into the country park. Here we admired some huge wood carvings, then off into the café for a good cup of coffee and chat.

A very pleasant day out, thanks all!