Clemenstone, 18th November

Lead: Carroll

Unperturbed by the miserable weather forecast, 4 stalwarts joined me for the “Mystery Tour”

At about 10.10 “The Famous Five” set off from the Village Hall via Trepit Road and Heol Fain to the Beacon where we crossed the main road and headed downhill at a brisk pace on Shwlac. Leading from the back, as usual, I had to give the vanguard party the first of only three instructions on the walk. This was to turn right on to the cross-link road to the bottom of Rackland Hill and I began to think “This is no Mystery Tour, they know where we are going”. This feeling was tempered somewhat when we arrived at the junction with Ewenny Road and the leading group stopped for further directions. We turned right, and to Grahams relief, we then turned left heading for Clemenstone. I don’t know whether Graham was thinking “This is going to be a short walk” or “Thank heaven we haven’t got to climb Rackland”.

We proceeded along this well rutted track until we reached the well near Clementine where we stopped for a coffee break and the obligatory photograph. I’m not sure why Liz is partially obscured by a cloud on this photograph. I don’t know whether the pace of the walk was causing her to steam (Ladies don’t sweat) or whether an ethereal being was casting a spell but she was similarly obscured on the ‘back-up’ photograph. Any ideas Liz?

Setting off once again, the stile into the field was broken and had been “repaired” by a horizontal wooden stake. It was at this point that one of the group was heard to remark “This is the only time I get my leg over”. Shame on you!!

Turning left away from Clemenstone we headed up a farm track leading towards Llandow. If we thought the last track was rutted, this one was like ‘bomb alley’ with holes like bomb craters. In fact, one hole was so wide and deep it almost registered as a quarry. After passing Church Farm we turned right up a short muddy track before crossing the fields past the old sewerage works and back to Wick.

My thanks to those who came on the walk. I hope you all enjoyed it and I promise to do better next time.