Candleston and Tythegston, 31st August

Lead: Graham

Owing to personal and family sickness Liz was unable to lead today’s walk so I stepped into the breach and, accompanied by two charming young ladies, set off by car for Candleston Castle car park.  On foot the route took us over a sandy track, up a steep, stony hill and along a quiet lane into Tythegston.  From the highest point there were superb views over the Vale on a glorious sunny morning – the last of the meteorological summer.  A visit to the small church in Tythegston revealed that it now serves as a rather plush office, the interior being tastefully appointed and furnished.  Rather Mammon than dereliction and vandalism perhaps!  After drinking our preferred beverages, we crossed into a grassy field following a row of impressive trees but soon saw that the next field had a standing crop of head-high maize.  With no chance of keeping to the footpath we detoured around the edge of the field which brought us back onto our route but the trials were not over.  The trail led into a plantation which was heavily overgrown but, with encouragement from my companions, we made it through.  Easy going then and, escorted by a couple of friendly horses, we finally emerged onto the side of a very busy A48.

31 aug

After about 100 metres we turned again into grassy fields and in a little while spotted an ideal spot for lunch under a large tree with spreading roots where we sat.  A wasp’s nest on one side of the tree gave no trouble – maybe our sandwiches weren’t to their liking.  After a photograph we made our way back to Candleston Farm before turning left and up over the hill to descend along a line of lime trees to the road leading back to the car park.  Here a pair of marshals were guiding performers in the weekend’s festival to their parking area and, from their description of events, it seems it will be an entertaining and rewarding few days.  The walk was a little over five miles and all three of us enjoyed the day enhanced as it was by the gorgeous weather.