Cottrell Park, 24th March

Lead: Phil

Meeting as usual at the village hall, it was great to see so many had arrived early for the walk and were ready to head off to Cottrell Park Golf Resort.

We met at the car park, now numbering 14 in all and started the walk on the Button Gwinnett course, one of two 18 hole courses at Cottrell Park. For those who were not on the walk, you may be surprised to know that Button Gwinnett, whose family once resided at Cottrell Park, was one of the fifty-six men who assembled at Philadelphia in 1776 to sign the Declaration of Independence, thus becoming one of America’s immortals.

Further information about the history of Cottrell Park is available on

The walk soon progressed and we found ourselves on part of the course that is required for a new access road to a nearby housing development. Mysteriously finding many carpet tiles and buckets, we eventually worked out that they were being used for a survey of amphibians such as the very rare great crested newt.

The weather was expected to be dry and cloudy, but already there were signs of the cloud breaking up and the sun starting to shine through. We were now heading for the other 18 hole course at Cottrell Park the Mackintosh, where finding a golf ball led to feverish competition amongst the wanderers to find more balls. This of course was very good indeed, the final tally was 41, and after a thorough clean up later at home it turned out that nearly all balls were in very good condition and can be reused, so thank you all.

24 march

It was now time for a coffee break and we found a lovely sunny spot, and tucked in. Suitably refreshed, we continued and now headed towards the woods and fishing lake and time for a few photos. However, a drama, the timer on Graham’s camera misbehaved badly and failed to take a shot as requested, thus explaining why there was no Graham in the team photo.

The walk nearly complete, we headed back towards the car park, and a few of us stayed a bit longer and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a chat in the club house.

Thanks everyone, I think the walk was a success and felt that everyone enjoyed it.

Next walk, Saturday 7th April