Downs walk, 10th December

Lead: Andrew and Helen

Seven walkers gathered for the Monday morning walk outside Wick village Hall before heading off to park at the Watermill Pub between Ogmore and Ewenny. Given the miserable weather of the last week or so we were lucky to be blessed with light clouds, minimal breeze and no rain!

Boots on and we headed across the road from the pub and onto an old sheep drovers track that led us up the hillside through the trees to the open spaces of the downs above.

We then headed across the top of the downs past Southerndown Golf Course and the Quarry heading towards St Brides Major. Once we had reached the road leading down into St. Brides we stopped and observed the old remains of a cross that marked the original Roman military road that had once crossed the downs. Here we turned right onto the footpath alongside the ‘lolipop trees’ house.  We continued to circumnavigate the downs, passing Heol Myndd before heading off the downs via Pant Marie Flanders, named after the Flemish weaver who came to Wales to work the wool derived from the sheep that were driven through the area and grazed the downs.

We stopped for a break and photo at the well mid-way down the gully before continuing on to the Ogmore – Ewenny road.

10 dec

Here we picked up the coastal path and followed the road back through Ogmore to our starting point at the Watermill where we headed inside for a well-earned coffee and a slice of excellent Sachertorte – highly recommended I must say.

In total just over 4 miles were covered in relatively benign conditions for the time of year.