Ewenny Priory, 13th May

Lead: Liz

Yet another good turnout of 13, for a Monday walk on what turned out to be a glorious morning and one that stayed lovely all day, not just a day giving us of its best before 10 am!

We set off to leave cars at Ewenny Garden Centre, put on boots and were soon en route, crossing the road, then following the Bridgend road for about 100 yards before turning right along Heronston lane. After about two thirds of a mile we came across an info board, giving details of the Priory at Ewenny and the surrounding land. Our path then led us across the low-lying often marshy area we often see flooded in winter. This time it was beautifully dry and we were able to stride out over the old stone slabs which have probably been there for many years, even centuries. Ewenny Priory, which seemed very low lying at first gradually came to dominate part of the horizon, a beautiful peaceful spot and one that has probably not changed much over centuries. We soon reached “Liz’s bridge” named as such as I was the first in the group to lead a walk over it, but instead of going over it we went eastwards along an easily walked level track though the bushes and trees, alongside the Ewenny river. This path, pretty with numerous flowers and the tinkling of the stream nearby led us to the railway to the Ford factory, by the A48. Here we turned around to retrace our steps but opted for the path alongside the river, to make for a bit of variety and with such recent dry weather it was safe and not slippery, unlike a few previous visits!

Crossing over the bridge, several of us recalled how we had seen one of the sources of the Ewenni Fach, up in the hills behind Llanharan on the previous Saturday’s walk. We wondered how long it would take for the water to have flowed from the source to where we now stood. Soon we reached Ewenny priory and most of us went in, to yet again admire the wonderful stonework of this beautiful Norman priory and soak up its peaceful atmosphere.

13 may

Our group photo took quite a while to get taken, but we did want the priory gates to be our backdrop! From here it was only a shortish walk back to the cars and a quick coffee. Total distance was about three and a quarter miles, lovely sunshine, good company beautiful surroundings and overall a very pleasant morning. Thanks very much to all of you who came along.