Llampha and Colwinston, 13th April

Lead: Liz

Another change of plan- but still an enjoyable walk!

After yet more rain, drizzle and a very soggy paddle on our walk on the previous Saturday, I was unsure about going across what were now very sodden fields. Instead we changed plans, went in the same sort of area but stuck to the dryish but muddy roads.

We left the car outside Llampha and walked through this pretty hamlet, noting the interesting old farmhouses and several thatched residences along the way. Welsh house names were checked out, the tiny letterbox spotted as were the many clusters of primroses all along the route. Later on, we came across patches of lovely violets, both purple and white.

The misty feel to the day did not prevent us enjoying the slight air of spring beginning to develop. We saw no sun, but at least it was warm and dry so making for quite pleasant walking weather.

On entering Colwinston village we wandered along to the church to have a look at some of the attractive stained-glass windows. The church has a very well kept and welcoming feel to it and we enjoyed our coffee break sitting around the base of the old stone cross in the churchyard. Exactly the right height for a sit and a coffee! – and also our group photo.

13 april

On leaving the village we were stopped by a community physiotherapist who was lost, but with several of us having “hurty” knees, we were tempted to make use of him! We then spotted an old stone bridge over a little stream, the Colwinston brook, probably, and alongside it was a delightful, but somewhat overgrown, mini clapper bridge, which Phil and I were very keen to get clearing around.

From here on our route took us back onto the road towards Llampha and the car. Although different from the original plan, I think we all enjoyed our trip out and did somewhat over 4 miles, including enough hill to get a bit of a puff up!