Llanmaes and Sigingstone, 7 March

Lead: Richard

Saturday 7 March 2020, saw 12 of us setting off from WVH and heading to Llanmaes for the beginning of our walk around the back lanes. The original walk was altered to avoid flooded lanes particularly in Frampton, but the walk remained focussed on avoiding muddy fields. The weather on the day itself was very pleasant and ideal for getting out.

We passed Llanmaes church and headed east towards Froglands Farm, passing Midlands Caravan Park. As we turned to the north, we encountered surface water on the road, but being the seasoned walkers that we are it presented little difficulty.

7 mar1

At the T junction next to Happy Jakes caravan park, we stopped for drinks before heading toward Siginstone.

We were passed by a large group of cyclists going the other way and it was so refreshing and lovely that so many of them were so friendly and cheerful, extending salutations to us as they passed. Before Siginstone we crossed over to Siginstone lane and headed back to Llanmaes.

7 mar

The walk was a relaxing but stimulating 5 miles and was enjoyed by all. As is becoming a bit of a regular occurrence, we all headed to Topstak for coffee and some good conversation.