Llysworney to St Brynach’s church and coffin stiles, 3rd February

Lead: Liz

Eight of us set off from the pond at Llysworney for a shortish Monday walk, which turned out to be slightly less than 4 miles, after we had plodded through the usual mud right up to the A48 and done the return trip.

The first part of the walk was along the quiet road past ‘Crossways’, which has had numerous incarnations in its past history. A number of us had bits of information about it and the surrounding area, all of real interest. Unfortunately, the Cross Inn was closed, it being a Monday, so we were unable to have the key to St Brynach’s church, but followed down the old track (partly re-vamped by the new homes site nearby, to make a shortcut to the pub!). We went into the churchyard and had a good look at the lovely old church, now a redundant church although we think there is maybe one service a year there. Originally a site of quite a village, there is now no sign of any nearby habitation.

3 feb1

From here we went northwards out of the churchyard and found the first ‘coffin stile’ where we had our group photo. These stiles, of which we climbed over four, are all double stiles with a flat stone topped pillar in the middle, for resting the coffin on as it was carried down from Penllyn House and village, for burial in the churchyard of St Brynach. A very interesting phenomenon and we want to find out where else has similar.

3 feb

We followed the edge of the fields right up to the A 48, going over all of the stiles then came back down the very muddy track along the edge of the fields , back up past ‘Crossways’ and to the cars, then a quick nip into ‘Topstak’ for a coffee before heading homewards.

Many thanks to all who came along, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!