Merthyr Mawr and the Ogmore River, 14th September

Lead: Robbie

Six of us met at the bus stop outside the village shop and embarked on the usual rickety journey along the coast road to the Pelican where we disembarked and crossed the Ewenny river via the stepping stones, Liz being helped by a friendly paddler. Over the swing bridge and through Merthyr Mawr village to Candleston Castle car park, where we followed the Welsh Coastal Path down to the Ogmore river and along to the beach. We stopped for our coffee break on top of a sand dune and watched a huge gathering of people on Ogmore beach just the other side of the river mouth. Not quite sure what it was all about but we decided it was some kind of canoe or swimming event.

We then walked right along the beach in the direction of Newton before heading inland over the dunes and up a very steep incline in the hot September sun. We were only too grateful to come across a delightful woodland glade where we settled down for our picnic in the shade.

14 sept 1

14 sept

We then followed the narrow paths until we reached a track taking us to Candleston farm and down to a footpath towards Ton Farm. We skirted around the back of Merthyr Mawr church then around the back of Merthyr Mawr House before crossing the ancient stone bridge and following a footpath back to the Ewenny river. The route took us through a field of maize and over the foot bridge back to the Pelican where we caught the 2.50pm bus back to Wick.

Total distance was 8.5 miles and blessed with gorgeous weather and pleasant company!