Nant Carfan, 25th August

Lead: Liz

A varied, sunny, summer walk- following Nant Carfan.

By the time we planned to meet up for this walk, we had reduced in numbers free to come, to just three, so we set off in just one car and parked up in Bonvilston. It was promising to be a lovely sunny day so we set off at a good pace, mainly to get away from the dreadful traffic noise of the A 48, to find the little gate that would lead us to the start of the walk. Soon we were into the peace and quiet of some lovely fields, through a little copse and away down over fields with good views ahead of us. Part of our walk took us along the very quiet “back“ road into Llancarfan, but shortly we turned right, up past a fascinating set of old buildings. I suspect they might be the subject of an art work shortly, as Graham took a number of photos from various perspectives. Lots of lovely pieces of roof, all at different angles, were really inspirational.

Following the tracks south across the meadows, with the Nant Carfan to our left, we soon entered a mysterious wood.  In the wood were a picnic bench and seats and another strange metal table and bench ideally situated for a good coffee stop. Some piles of cut firewood nearby lead us to think that maybe someone came into the wood to make a fire and enjoy some “time out” – interesting!

25 august

From here we continued over meadows, then onto the road and uphill until we came to the private drive of Llanvithyn farm, but with a footpath leading us to a steep and very overgrown path with enough stinging nettles to leave our Mr Shorts-Wearer with tingling legs all evening! We were soon up quite high and with lovely views across the Vale in all directions, we wondered how anyone could not enjoy a good walk. When we arrived at the churchyard at Llantrithyd, near the remains of Llantrithyd Place, we were hot and ready for a lunch stop. We did spend some time before we tucked in, to go into the church and look at a couple of effigies of landed gentry and read the interesting history of the church. It was an attractive lunch stop, sitting on the grass under huge trees. Wandering back through the lanes towards Bonvilston, including crossing several fields, led us eventually back to the village and the little shop for a nice ice-cream, a good end to the walk.

We all had really enjoyed the walk and I think it is one worth repeating when more can come along.