Pontyclun, 6th November

Lead: Graham

A cold, rather cloudy morning saw five members arrive at the Village Hall to be introduced to Helen, a new recruit who had recently moved to Ogmore by Sea.  A very warm welcome to you Helen.  Piling into two cars we set off for Pontyclun to discover that, not unexpectedly, the car park was full but space was quickly found in a nearby side road.  A short stroll along the busy High Street took us to the bridge over the river Clun, from which the town took its name.  A kissing gate gave access to a path alongside the river which we followed through woodland before emerging into open fields – a little muddy in places.  Looking north we could see old Llantrisant, with its church prominent on the hilltop. Pausing, we recalled the life of Dr William Price, the town’s most (in)famous son with his highly eccentric views and practices.  After passing under a major road the track turned sharply south-west under another viaduct to the foot of a short, moderately steep climb at the top of which we halted for refreshments – at least for those who had brought some.

6 nov 2017

We were now in a field full of the signs of earlier earthworks and a tall, abandoned chimney.  Whether earthworks and chimney were linked and the function of the latter were both mysteries.  The trail was then gently uphill into the new village of Hendy, built in the year 2000 as proclaimed by engraved stones built into the walls of every house.  A delightful shady and leaf strewn path led us alongside a well appointed children’s play-park where, try as we may, we were unable to restrain one of our number from using a 21st century equivalent to the “tins and string” of our youth!  The route then went through more, older housing, down hill, across the Miskin road and into the Pontyclun Rugby Club ground.  At the clubhouse we recognised the aftermath of a huge Guy Fawkes bonfire which seem to be quite rare these days unlike in former times.  Back in the town we called at a pleasant coffee shop where they kindly allowed Liz to pin up a notice advertising the Wick Artists’ exhibition.  A couple of other establishments were also subjected to her ministrations and I began to worry that, if I remained motionless for too long, I would have a notice pinned on me!

As the day wore on the skies brightened and it was pleasant in the sunshine.  We walked three miles over ground new to us, and all appeared to enjoy the experience.

Thanks for your grand company which made it a very entertaining day.