Plough and Harrow, 4th July

Lead: Liz

The morning was damp and misty so hardly a good forecast for the evening, but by the afternoon the weather had cleared and eight of us met up at WVH for the first evening walk of this summer. It was good to be able to welcome Claire and Phil Murphy, two of our recently joined members, for their first walk with us. Hopefully you both enjoyed it and will come again. We did a walk very familiar to most of us, but it just happened to be the bit that Claire and Phil had not yet done, so nice to show them such a lovely walk. It was a glorious evening, with the sun some considerable way from setting… so a certain person could not show us his “green sky” at sunset…but he did remind us of it! We do believe you…. well, sort of! We had walked straight down Trepit road and down to the cliff top through the lovely new gates. Last time I did this walk, there were only those broken stiles, so a real improvement, at least for access even if they do not look as attractive. We walked along the cliff top until we reached the cwm at Monknash, then headed up the wooded path, past the old mill and leat, of which there is only rather overgrow evidence now. To give us a bit of field walking, we then went over the fields, the wooden bridge and through at least two herds of cattle, all of whom were friendly enough but of no bother to any of us, you’ll be glad to hear. We did send Graham first, of course!

4 july

By this time a drink was calling, so we sped on to the Plough and Harrow and decided that a photo in a pub without drinks in front of us, would not look quite the part, so drinks on table and a bit of posing, and we got the photo taken so we could then sit back and enjoy our well-earned tipples. By this time one of the would- be- hardy, male members of the group, decided that the advice to bring a warm jumper, which had not been heeded, would have been good advice after all. Offers of a pink cagoule were not taken up, so soon we were on our way again, all feeling somewhat chilly, until we got to Broughton “hill”. We had already seen Marie to her door, but the rest of us parted company at the top of the village green, which was looking especially good in the evening light at just before 9pm. Although an exact check was not done, the distance covered must have been about 5 miles, so a good evening walk, and we all said we’d like some more such walks this summer, so, go on, see if you can organise one. It only takes an email to suggest we meet at the hall and we can decide where to walk to, unless you have an idea for a jaunt.

I think we all enjoyed the evening- thanks a lot for coming.