Plough and Harrow/Monks Wood, 7th August

Lead: Liz

Despite having had a good turnout for a morning walk the previous day, we still had 6 come along for a very enjoyable 3-4 mile evening walk. It was a lovely evening and we set off from WV Hall going past the old dovecote and down across fields of golden stubble to Lower Monkton, then along the road past Broughton where, at the old forge we headed over the fields towards the sea. Several people had not done this path before, so always nice to introduce new routes, even if well known to some in the group.

Instead of crossing the little bridge we went on a bit further, and came out near the path down the Cwm to the sea, but here decided to double back on ourselves and go across fields to the road back past the Plough and Harrow. As we had planned a drink meet up in Wick we managed to get past the Plough without going in! Quite a feat! Then along the road and into Monk’s Wood for a little wander through the now quite well grown trees. From here it was back over the fields, from time to time, turning to look at the wonderful views, now behind us!

Our arrival at the pub was greeted by another member already sipping a pint, so just as well we did return to the village.

7 aug

I think we all enjoyed a vigorous walk, keeping up quite a pace and certainly crossing plenty of stiles, so many so that we forgot to take a photo of walkers, but here is one instead, of one of the stiles we crossed.