Southerndown, 13th July 2017

Lead: Graham

Being almost twenty minutes late and likely hoping to make up time the bus driver must have been dismayed to see a dozen happy wanderers waiting to board her bus – some of whom were having to pay for the privilege.  Alighting opposite the Three Golden Cups at Southerndown we crossed an old stone stile into fields leading down, past Slade Farm, to Dunraven Bay and then up through the walled garden where the fig and pear trees drew our admiration.  A few yards on Liz, always unable to resist exploring beyond a gate or stile, disappeared into a shady dell containing a large fallen sycamore.  Tearing ourselves away we proceeded along the cliff-top path before negotiating the steep descent and ascent in and out of Cwm Mawr.  Owing to the brisk north westerly wind and the confined space Carroll managed, with some difficulty, to take the obligatory team photograph.

phil and claire

Off again all but a couple of us halted to view the rock stack which appears to be making its agonisingly slow escape away from the precipitous cliff edge.  Turning inland we made our way on the narrow path between a head-high crop of oilseed rape before crossing several fields to gain the bottom of Trepit Road.  By this time a formally cloudy but bright sky had turned dark and ominous with the threat of rain so we were happy and dry when entering the Lamb and Flag which was busy with diners and quiz competitors.  Unable to find space we all set off along the road to the Star Inn where we were able to sit and chat together as a group.  An excellent turnout of twelve enjoyed the five mile ramble and were keen to repeat the experience the following week.